Brașov: tourist attractions you can visit in one day

Brașov is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in Romania and I wanted to discover a page from its story. It’s a city so colorful that the photos do not even need photo filters, and the mountains in the background give you the impression that the landscape is part of a painting. If you choose Brașov as a holiday destination, these are some of the most popular sights that really deserve to be explored.

The Council Square

My first wish was to drink coffee in the Council Square, a lively area with chic bars, circled by buildings with impressive medieval architecture. Then I walked through the streets surrounding the city center and discovered the most picturesque restaurants and cafes that fit perfectly with the beautifully decorated little houses and the mountain scenery.

Cobblestone streets in the city center

If you are a traveler passionate about urban landscapes, you will surely be enchanted by the colorful and lively historic streets of Brașov. After a long walk through the city, nothing’s better than a break on a hip terrace while grabbing your favorite delights. Admire the mountains in the background and the details of the historic buildings!

Black Church

The Black Church is one of the symbols of Brasov and a representative monument of Gothic architecture in Romania. I think everyone already knows that its name was acquired from a historical event: a fire blackened the walls of the church. The largest church in Romania stands out in the city’s horizont and you can admire it from the Fortress of Brasov, the Tampa Peak or the White Tower. Entrance to the church is 10 lei for adults.

Rope Street

Between the streets of Cerbului and Şchei Gate, there is a street compared to a… string, 80 m long and up to 1.35 m wide (1.1 m in the narrowest part). Did you know this is the third narrowest street in Europe? We were accommodated in a cozy flat on Rope Street, so we had the opportunity to see the tourists who marveled at the charm of the small alley. Of course, Brasov has countless other streets that capture the vibe of the city.


Mount Tampa

If you want a great view of the city, you will not find a more beautiful panorama than from the top of Tampa. To get to the letters of Braşov, like the ones on the Hollywood hill, we boarded the cable car. The climb to Mount Tampa lastes about 3 minutes and costs 16 lei round trip. If you have a passion for nature, here you can find a natural wonder by following hiking trails.


The Citadel of Brașov

This fortress on the horizon of the city caught our attention and we decided to add another puzzle piece to the history of Brașov. After a long walk to the top of the Citadel Hill, we reached the citadel that used to shelter locals in the ottoman attacks. Unfortunately, the Citadel of the Guard was closed, but at least we had the opportunity to see the city from a an amazing angle.

The ruins of the old Brașov Fortress

Following on the footsteps of the Braşov fortifications, I found wonderful treasures such as the two towers. The White Tower impresses with its circular shape and is the highest tower, so the panorama here deserves the climb. The Black Tower took its name from its fire-damaged walls, and along with the White Tower it was an important observation, defense and shelter building. Now, both became tourist attractions that celebrate the past.

Catherine’s Gate has an impressive architecture. For a long time it was the only access gate on the western side of the fortifications of Brașov. You can drive or walk through the central of the recently renovated Șchei Gate. There are many other ruins of the fortifications of Brașov that you can discover through the city, such as Bastions Shepherds, Weavers, Coopers, Goldsmiths, Blacksmiths, Grafts and Curers.

What amazing places did you discover in Brașov?

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