Clay Castle of the Valley of Fairies: fantasy and fairy tales

castelul de lut

Clay Castle of the Valley of Fairies (Castelul de Lut din Valea Zânelor) is a fantastic house in the middle of Romanian fairytale landscapes and a dream for any traveler. This incredible construction is built purely from organic materials and is inspired by the „dwarf house”. So if you go to Sibiu and want to live the magic of these places, this wonderful corner is worth a visit.

castelul de lut

How to get to Clay Castle of the Valley of Fairies

The castle is located in Porumbacu de Sus, about 40 km from Sibiu (book a hotel from, you have the link below). The building can be visited every day from 10:30 to 17:30 and the ticket price is 5 lei, which contributes to the development of this future hotel dedicated to authentic passionate travelers. The castle is built only from natural materials and has a design that reminds us of the Grimm brothers stories.

castelul de lut

The fairy tales were also the inspiration of the owners, who combined childhood memories with classic Romanian stories. You can also go into the castle to better observe the organic materials it is built from, like stone, wood, clay and straw. Do not forget to climb to the tower and visit the souvenir shop.

The construction is unique from every angle, and it attracts millions of tourists from all corners of the continent. Moreover, the castle is situated in beautiful landscape, which is hard to beat, in the classic Romanian countryside. Behind the building is a green field and a creek that adds even more charm to the area. A few relaxing moments near the river will help you get rid of everyday stress.

Did you like Clay Castle of the Valley of Fairies or do you want to pay it a visit?

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